The Law of Attraction and NoFap

Another of my self posts from reddit

I was watching the movie “The Secret” and it got me thinking about how the law of attraction might be put into effect with NoFap.

For those who aren’t familiar with the law of attraction, it is basically the concept that “energy attracts like energy” so dependent upon what energy you put out in the world determines what you attract.

So the idea is that you visualize what you want most, and actually feel it. You then try and live as if you already had it. This in turn is supposed to attract what it is that you want. If you spend your time thinking about negative things and bad circumstances, chances are you have a lot of that manifesting in your life. Anyone who has done any amount of personal development work knows that there is at least some level of truth to this. It is essentially positive thinking on steroids.

So it got me thinking, “a lot of people on the NoFap board really seem to think that this is a big struggle”. I know that on my hardest days this is exactly what I was thinking. So I did a visualization exercise where I imagined everything that I wanted in my life, and really let myself feel as if I already had it. Part of this exercise was envisioning how I want my sex life to be. So I imagined being married to the woman of my dreams (my girlfriend), and us having the most fulfilling and loving sex life I could fathom. I also imagined me laughing at the idea of masturbating and happily ignoring porn.

I noticed that the more detailed you get with the visualization, the easier it is to feel it. Anyway, it’s been seriously so much easier to handle urges (as well as the rest of my day). I’m going to be adding this exercise to my daily meditation and prayer routine.

So the most important thing I want to ask you is, are you envisioning NoFap to be a dire impossible struggle? Because if you are, there’s a pretty good chance that’s what you are going to get. So go ahead and imagine yourself roflstomping urges and lolerskating your way to the life of your dreams… and then freaking live it 😉

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