How to flip your gremlin when you have spiritual beliefs

This question is in response to my video on how to stop fantasizing by flipping your gremlin.


Hello, my friend.

I hope you don’t mind a person request for advice from a fellow fapstronaut. Unfortunately, I relapsed from 113 days clean last week. While I avoided excess damage by resisting the urge to binge, I noticed that prior to and a whole week after the relapse I’ve begun playing computer games a lot. This is quite unusual for me; I’ve rarely, if at all, played video games over the last few years.

You recently shared a video on your YT vlog about “flipping gremlin.” In it, you shared that you overcame an overuse of video games and similar unproductive habits.

To be honest, I have trouble accepting the “gremlin-flipping” method. I’ve always perceived the “voices in my head” to be a combination of habits I’ve formed and demonic temptation. You’ve shared that you’re a Catholic, and I am also a Christian. While I typically don’t focus on spiritual warfare, I acknowledge that “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood” (Eph 6:12), which is why I feel uncomfortable naming or trying to reason with the “voices” telling me to lust or be slothful.

Obviously, I’m not asking you to provide me with all the answers I need to turn my life around. I’m simply hoping a fellow fapstronaut and believer in Christ will have some good tips or encouraging words to help get my back on my feet and moving forward again.

Thanks in advance, and strength to you!



Excellent question! Here’s how you can look at the concept of flipping your gremlin within context of malevolent spiritual entities.

Basically, a demonic influence only has power over us if there is a part within ourselves that is weak to their message. For example, if a demon whispers into your ear “go molest that kid over there”, the average person will be like “wtf, where did that thought come from?” and at most just get a little disgusted that such a thing would even come up in their mind.

However, if a person is a pedophile – i.e. has a natural sexual attraction to children, then when a demon whispers the same thing in that person’s ear there is going to be a much different internal response. This is because there is probably a part of that person that is sympathetic towards the suggestions of the demon. For example, imagine there is a part that is just so frustrated with not being able to be sexually satisfied, and is so tired of fighting their desire. This part may even have a level of self pity that thinks that they deserve to be satisfied at least once since everyone else gets to. You could say that this part is the gremlin.

The suggestion to go molest the child may come from the demon, but the gremlin is the fertile ground to the demon’s message. The gremlin part of the pedophile is actually just trying to help the person find a sense of release and satisfaction (a positive thing). So if the gremlin is the fertile soil, it becomes a matter of planting healthy seeds in that soil rather than letting an evil spiritual influence planting a bad seed. If there is already a good plant growing, there will be no room for a rotten one.

Let me know if any of this doesn’t make sense, but hopefully it will help you see how you can reconcile my message in the video with your own spiritual beliefs. The key is finding that part that wants a change for the sake of making you feel better, and then making sure that the mechanism for that change is a good one.

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