Trouble Getting Past 2 Weeks


Hey hows it going, iv been watching your channel for a couple of weeks now and I think your vids are quite helpful. I have a situation that I thought you might be able to help me with. Iv been trying Nofap for a couple of months now and my longest streak has been 14 days. I am wondering how did you push yourself to keep going once you kind of feel like you hit a plateau emotionally and all your thoughts end up being different variations of “This is the longest I have went since I can remember, imagine how it would feel right now” or “I have done a good job these past x days. Ill just do it once and do better next time.”


Thanks for taking the time to write me! I think the key lies in being brutally honest with yourself. Do you want this bad enough? Are you willing to endure the pain necessary to reach your goal? If you are not, then why even try? When I got past two weeks, it was because I had a goal – 90 days. I was going to get 90 even if it killed me. Set your sights on 90 and just don’t give yourself the option of relapse. You need to make friends with the pain. Make being uncomfortable and frustrated part of your PLAN. This way, when things get really tough, you aren’t all like “woah I didn’t think it was gonna be this hard, I’m gonna jerk it and feel better!” and instead have a sense of satisfaction that this is actually the exact thing you signed up for.

The other thing is I would recommend reading and posting on or every single day. You don’t need to make a new topic every day, but at least comment on someone else’s post. You also should read success stories as well as failure stories. The success stories keep you motivated and the failure stories make you want to avoid feeling that way. Doing this had a tremendous impact on my ability to make it through. I actually had a bookmark on my bookmarks bar to NoFap so I could get there as quick as I needed to.

Also, it gets easier over time. Many people say that the first two weeks are the toughest. I would say that it got significantly easier for me once I hit a month. So when it seems really bad, just keep telling yourself that the long term benefits are worth the short term pain!

Hope this helps,

Stay Clean!

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