Benefits of NoFap and Question about Voice Change



I’m really glad I found your yt channel because the subject of no fapping and actually considering to stop jerking it to internet porn has been a subject I have been wondering about for years. I first wanted to ask how long have you been no fap free so to speak. I have read online that stopping this can come with withdrawal symptoms my longest most recent streak was around 14 days and I remember getting sick at this time but I’m not sure if I can blame this on stopping fapping.


What benefits did you notice when you stopped and did you experience them right away. I had read on some male blogs that stopping fap can permantely make your voice deeper. While this sounds like a good benefit I have a concern and it may sound bizarre but I have a unique voice I have been told and even though it may be a long shot I want to try to audition to be a voice actor and my main concern about stopping fap is that it may disort the unique voice that I have. I would love to hear your thoughts.

As of today I am 80 days fap free! Withdraw symptoms are pretty much a certainty if you’ve been watching porn and masturbating regularly for a while. They really start to kick in around two weeks, but things start getting easier after that. For most people, after they clear a month it’s smooth sailing! I actually didn’t notice many benefits until I was about a month and a half in. I had fairly rough withdraw and basically just avoiding fapping was a full time job for me haha. However, after I cleared the rough spot I noticed MANY benefits. The most important though was the ability to self motivate, focus, and work harder than I ever have been able to do IN MY LIFE. And for someone who is trying to start their own business, this was a huge game changer for me.
I’d be very doubtful if there was any truth to the voice changing stuff. People often mistakenly think that not fapping will greatly increase your testosterone levels (when in reality it’s just a one day spike that happens on day 7) and may then conclude that it will deepen your voice. It never happened to me or heard of it happening, so I would assume that your unique voice will stay just as unique as ever!

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