If you don’t want to wait 90 days to reboot


I dont want to wait 90 to heal
Is there any thing else to do?
Please tell me every thing that may help
And thank you!


A pornography habit is the product of constantly seeking immediate gratification instead of enduring the discomfort necessary to achieve long term fulfillment. Having been in your shoes I understand how tough it is to wait. You want to be better RIGHT NOW! That enthusiasm is awesome and powerful,  however if you truly want to turn things around then you need to learn how to leverage that energy to start building something great for the future.

The fact that you don’t want to wait 90 days is a symptom of this addiction to immediate gratification. There’s no cure for such a thing other than learning how to be patient and eventually reap the fruit of your efforts. If you want to speed up your process as much as possible, then don’t cheat yourself. Check out this video I made on strictness. Along with that, make sure that you take the measures necessary to ensure that you don’t relapse (because that will just set you back longer).

Healing will take some time, but I encourage you to go out and start doing things that will make your life better right now! Use that enthusiasm to spend your time doing things that you care about and you will start seeing results soon!

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