When Will I See Benefits from NoFap?


Hey man

First of all, thanks a lot for your inspiration!
It’s great to have a role model, makes it a lot easier.

I’m also a Catholic, and a fapstronaut on my 8th day =_ no PMO at
I’m stopping because of my faith, but also because of how PMO destroys

I’ve been reading a lot what NoFap can do for you, how it can improve
your self-confidence, make you more social, more motivated, happier,
and so on.
I haven’t noticed much since I’ve stopped.
I have fapped like at least 1-2 a day, which is why I thought that the
difference is gonna be pretty huge.

How long did it take for you to start noticing these things?


It’s great to hear from another Catholic! Congrats on getting to 8 days!! Nofap can definitely help you improve confidence, become more social, leap tall buildings in a single bound etc. However, the rate at which people experience these benefits can vary. Most commonly, people will end up feeling worse before they feel better. Whenever you try to quit an addiction, there are going to be withdraw symptoms which can really suck. This is why quitting an addiction is so hard because you will relieve this discomfort by relapsing.

This is why I place such an emphasis on facing discomfort in my material. You need to get through that tough point if you really want to turn yourself around and start reaping the benefits. I think it’s important for people to know this up front because there needs to be a solid commitment to your path regardless of discomfort if you want any chance of success.

So in my experience, I would always start to feel more clear & energetic as I put a few days between myself and my last relapse. Then, around the week and a half / two week mark things would start to get really tough. This is the point that for many people start experiencing the withdraw symptoms more acutely. For me, getting from two weeks to a month was the hardest part. After I hit a month things gradually started getting better and better. To be honest, they still haven’t stopped getting better (day 86 as of right now with no end in sight)!

But again, I must stress that this progression is different for everyone. I know how tough it is to be told that you have to wait for your superpowers, but its our proclivity for instant gratification that got us into this mess in the first place!


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