Nofap benefits and how it helps with feelings of self-doubt


Hi I’m 17 been struggling with this addiction since about 13/14 could you tell me the benefits of stopping porn or do a video on it? I don’t feel like myself before this addiction I was communicating with girls and had plently of them as friends however since this has started my anxiety and shyness/nervouseness has gone rock bottom.

Currently I’m on day 0 I’m trying my best to rewire my desire from now on every time I get triggered I will remember the pain this addiction has caused me and leave it there. Ever since I started watching porn my confidence and positivity has been knocked, I’m 17 and currently studing Media studies which is film, print and publishing and camera operating etc but now I’m having thoughts such as what if I can’t make any money out of this subject/job? what if I don’t get a job? and what if I’m not successful?

These thoughts started when addiction to pmo started. Also I have shame because of where I mb which is the laptop and has been for the past 3/4 years and other people use the laptop so this adds more shame to it. So basically this addiction has made me have a loss of hope attitude for the future and it needs to stop


Thank you for taking the time to write to me. It is clear that you have been through the wringer with all of this and are ready to start turning things around!

If you want information on the benefits of stopping porn then your best bet is to go to and search for 90 day reports. You will see all the accounts of people who have made it to 90 days without porn or masturbation and how it has positively impacted their lives. I’ll definitely think about doing a video on this topic eventually! But basically it can cure erectile dysfunction, increase your energy, increase your focus, help you feel more confident, help you be more social, and improve your overall feeling of well being!

I also can understand how much it sucks to be questioning whether or not you can make a living doing (what I presume to be) your passion. I used to think the same thing about not being able to be successful with life coaching. The thing that tricks you into thinking you won’t succeed is the desire for immediate gratification that porn fosters. Basically, no passion will succeed with out putting in the hard work and effort necessary. Porn use represents always taking the “easy way out”.

So if you regularly watch porn, then chances are you won’t be as successful in your endeavors because you have built up a tendency to run from discomfort (and becoming successful requires pushing THROUGH discomfort)! Part of you recognizes that deep in your mind and tells you that you won’t succeed if you continue on like this.

If you turn your porn habit around then I have no doubt that your confidence, drive, and sense of moral well being will shoot through the roof!

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