The Lie you Tell Yourself While You Edge

“Edging” is when you prolong a session of masturbation and porn by avoiding orgasm. Essentially, it is riding that “edge” right before orgasm. Men do this to prolong their porn & masturbation sessions in order to increase the time of self-pleasure. Many men use this to stay intoxicated with the feelings of arousal for hours at a time. So yes, this is about prolonging pleasure, but in many ways I believe that this is done because it creates a false sensation of “progress”.

By progress, I mean that it gives you a feeling that you are on the path to somewhere good. Much of our satisfaction with life is derived from a movement towards our notion of “good”. By doing things that align with this idea, or move us closer to it, we are rewarded with a sense of fulfillment. So fulfillment is not about getting to some final destination, it is about constantly moving forward on our journey.

To look at it in energetic terms, you could say that fulfillment is about using our energy in a way that raises the vibration of our life. Progress occurs when we successfully raise that vibration.

Edging creates the illusion that we are doing just that. First, we are experiencing physical pleasure (positive feedback), and there is an inevitable sensation that we are making progress towards something (orgasm). However, the reason that orgasm is avoided is because it shatters the illusion. Afterwards, there is an experience of loss because all of that “progress” is now gone and meaningless. In many ways we are actually set back because of the time and energy wasted on edging.

Real sex does not share this illusion because there is a deepening of intimacy that strengthens a relationship or even leads to an entirely new life (though one could argue that meaningless hookups are something different). You could edge for days at a time and never feel satisfied. So don’t lie to yourself and instead spend your energy on doing the things that WILL bring you fulfillment!

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