Introducing the NoFap Academy and Changes for the SSP


I’ve got a big new project for all of you that also has implications for the SSP. I’ve teamed up with Alexander Rhodes, the creator of NoFap on Reddit (the biggest online support community for quitting porn), to bring you the new NoFap Academy! Our goal is to make the NoFap Academy the #1 resource online for giving people the practical tools necessary to kick their porn habit!

Moving forward, both Alexander and I will be posting a video a week on the NoFap Academy Youtube Channel. My videos will be focused on the practical aspects of quitting porn and Alexander’s will initially be focused on chronicling his own journey through the NoFap challenge.

This will free up the Sacred Sexuality Project to focus on more than just quitting porn. I want the Sacred Sexuality Project to be about helping people who wish to travel the journey of their sexuality as a path of spiritual and personal development.

Right now my focus will be on getting the NoFap Academy up and running so I will not promise a video every week for the SSP. However I’ll do my best! If you can’t bear the thought of not seeing a new video from me then make sure you check out the NFA Youtube channel. Also make sure you go to the NoFap Academy website and sign up for the newsletter!

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