Leveling Up Your Energy to Overcome Urges

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In this video I break down the method of raising your energy for successfully moving through urges to watch porn. There are seven different levels of energy, but in this video I focus on the first three because these are usually the key ones for breaking free from an addictive cycle.

  1. Level 1 energy is the lowest level of energy and is characterized by victimhood and apathy. At this level you are pretty much allowing your porn habit to dominate you and have very little fight in you. If you are operating at level one then when you have an urge you give in.
  2. Level 2 energy is characterized by conflict. When you have an urge at level 2, you fight them. This can be an exhausting and draining process. If you stay in level 2 you might have some initial success, but operating on this level will eventually deplete you and you will fall back into level 1.
  3. Level 3 energy is about stepping into rational thought and responsibility for your actions. At this point you no longer feel controlled like in level 1, or in a fight like at level 2. This level is characterized by thinking calmly and clearly about the situation at hand and taking the path that truly serves you best.

The key to sustained success with NoFap is learning how to step into level 3 as much as possible (though in the video I talk about some positive uses for level 2). The way you do this is by thinking things like “Okay, this urge is only temporary, it will pass. All I need to do is occupy my time with non triggering activities until it does pass. This feeling of discomfort is the feeling of my brain rewiring itself and learning to associate the urge to watch porn with discomfort rather than pleasure”.

You may come up with a different line of reasoning, but just go with whatever works for you. You may wish to even have your level 3 thoughts planned out ahead of time so that you can call upon them in times of need. Learning how to step into this kind of thinking releases a lot of the crap that can drain you and hold you back from succeeding!

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