Stop Getting High Off the Internet!

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The internet has become everybody’s favorite escape. Between social networking, videos, articles, and porn, there is always something juicy at the tip of our fingers. These interesting and stimulating things are literally like a drug. Every new and exciting thing that you see releases a chemical called dopamine in your head that makes you feel compelled, interested, excited, and motivated to keep surfing. You can think of every click as another hit on the dopamine bong.

Now this comparison between porn and drugs may be more valid than you think. A soon to be released study from Cambridge claims that compulsive porn users’ brains light up in the same way when they are exposed to erotic material that an alcoholics does when they see an advertisement for alcohol. It’s not absolute proof, but it’s a nice step towards scientifically confirming what all of us already know!

Just like drugs, some kinds of internet content are more dangerous and addictive than others. So cat pictures and memes are like pot. It’s relatively harmless in moderation, and if you go overboard with it then the worst you usually have to face is a lot of wasted time.

I see social networking is more like cocaine. This stuff can get really addictive and tends to have more negative affects. Sure social networking is an excellent way to keep in touch with people but it’s also a great way to feel terrible about yourself, develop a poor self image, and can cause lots of drama and waste even more time.

Following the analogy then porn is like heroin or meth. It’s a more powerful high with even greater negative consequences and addictive potential. This is obviously the one we focus on here, but I believe that a porn addiction often coincides with an addiction to the internet in general and that they should be worked on together.

So the point of this video is to challenge you all about your internet usage. How often do we just default to surfing the net when we are bored, anxious, stressed, lonely or whatever? We’ve become like babies sucking on an electronic thumb. We use it to soothe and stimulate ourselves.

Now I’m not advocating that you give up the internet altogether, though if you feel like this could be useful for you then go ahead. What I’m challenging you to do is to use the internet consciously. Have a purpose for logging on. If you are using social networking, actually use to to connect with people instead of creep on strangers.

If you are going to surf youtube or blogs, find channels and people that post on things you care about and are interested in and just follow them. Don’t just sit there clicking random crap until you eventually end up on porn.

If you are going to just go on to look at cat pictures, set a time limit and then do something else with your life! The more you just go into a state of mindless clicking, the more likely you are to end up stumbling on something triggering that leads to porn.

How often do you reach for your phone to surf the web, check facebook, text etc? Each time you do that you get the little buzz of dopamine. I believe this craving is tied very closely to the craving for porn. Eventually these little stimuli aren’t enough and you are going to want some of those hard drugs and will find yourself wanting porn.

I believe that when it comes to quitting porn, it’s very important to understand and gain awareness around how you approach stimulation in general. These empty kinds of stimulation are like junk food. You are better off cutting them out if you don’t want to deal with the negative consequences.

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