What am I supposed to do with all these boners?

Hey everone! It’s been a while since I’ve done an official Sacred Sexuality video or post and I’m really pumped to get it rolling again! I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the NoFap Academy building up some content for all you fellas looking to cut porn out of your life.

With all of the how-to’s of quitting porn moved to the NoFap Academy, it’s freed up what I can talk about here on the Sacred Sexuality Project. I’ve spent the past few weeks soul searching on this topic and I realized that I needed to get really clear on what the core problem is that I’m trying to solve moving forward.

After thinking about it, the issue became clear. It’s the same problem I’ve been trying to solve all my life. And basically, it’s the question of “what am I supposed to do with my sex drive?”.  Ever since I hit puberty I viewed my sex drive as an itch to be scratched. After getting into porn, my libido became more like a prison that I couldn’t escape from. I think many men today are suffering from the same situation so I’ve decided to explore this topic in depth and find some viable options for us.

Modern society abuses men’s innately high sex drive

Men have always had really high sex drives. But before the media and the internet, your sexual stimulation was limited entirely to the attractive women that you came in contact with in your daily life. This attraction was really quite healthy because it motivated you to be a good potential mate. You had to work hard, be an upstanding man, be able to provide for and protect the girl you wanted. If you did those things, it increased your chances of getting to marry and make babies with that girl you had the hots for.

Today, men face a challenge that they’ve never had to face before. Modern society abuses the hell out of the male sex drive. Men have to contend with constant arousing images embedded in all of our media, and also deal with the temptation of masturbating to hardcore porn which is always just a click away. This does two things:

  1. It puts men in a state where they are aroused much more frequently
  2. It removes any positive barrier to sexual release

So before a man had to prove himself in some way before he could get married. Many cultures had different tests, rituals, or requirements that needed to be passed before one could be considered a true man, and therefore be eligible for marriage. Basically, if you wanted to get laid, you had to have your shit together.

Today though, we don’t have anything like that. You can be a total degenerate waste and still get sexual release from all the crazy porn you want. Additionally our culture of casual sex and divorce means that if you can manage to stop jerking off to porn long enough to hook up with or even marry a someone, you can back out any time you want to.

Men have lost their edge

I believe that this situation has ultimately led men to lose their fire. Men have lost connection to that primal force that drives them to greatness because they piss all their energy away in indulgent acts of selfishness.

We are a culture obsessed with sex. There’s no way around this, so I figure why not learn how to embrace this reality and turn it into a good thing. This is where my new goal comes in:

Make Love to Life

I want to live each moment of my life as if I were making love to it, and I want to help you do the same. In order to do that you need to learn how to transmute your sexual energy.

The new and refocused purpose of the Sacred Sexuality Project is to help you turn your aggravated libido into a source of power. I believe that if we can tap into this sexual energy, we can then use it to drive  towards meaningful acts of love and passion, instead of shallow indulgences of lust. Basically, this project is going to be about exploring and understanding the sacred art of sexual transmutation. This art has already transformed my life and I’m excited to help you experience the same thing.

So if this sounds like something you are interested in then sign up for my newsletter by clicking this link. I’ve been terrible with my newsletter in the past but I promise that I will deliver you meaningful content regularly. I’m so fired up to share what I’ve learned.

Additionally, I’m now working on an ebook where I’ll be covering the pillars of sexual transmutation so that you can start learning how to harness the power of your libido. I’ve found my fire and I’m going to help you find yours.

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