Mastering the Critical Points of Recovery

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In this video I talk about the points that are most critical for quitting porn. People put a lot of emphasis on the amount of time spent clean. In fact this is usually the primary way by which we measure how “recovered” we are. This isn’t the only thing we should focus on though. I believe that the majority of our recovery actually occurs in the moments that we are triggered. Because of this I believe we should be focusing more on these triggered moments than on the amount of time spent clean.

The way I see it that our brain is like a big forest. In this forest we have Porn Land that represents the neural pathways associated with watching porn. The more we travel to Porn Land, the more clear the path to porn land becomes. By walking the trail so many times we beat down all the undergrowth, weeds, and leaves in the way. After doing this enough it can seem like the only path available because otherwise we are confronted with the discomfort of walking through the thick undergrowth if we try to change course.

When we walk this path enough it’s almost like we have laid down bricks along the path to make that pathway that much easier and enticing. These bricks basically keep the forest from reclaiming the pathway which would represent your brain healing . This is representative of what happens with any addictive behavior.

The thing is though, if we just keep walking on the path to Porn Land then we’ll never get to Awesometown which is on the other side of the forest. The only way that we’ll get there is if we can forge a new pathway.

So what I would like you to do is view the moments in which you are triggered as an opportunity to take back your energy from this porn pathway. Every single time you are triggered I want you to imagine that you are trying to grab as many bricks from the porn pathway as possible and are transferring them to the pathway to Awesometown. The point is to mentally visualize yourself reclaiming every ounce of willpower and agency that you can.

In order to do this you need to brave the discomfort of the urge in order to conquer it and redirect your flow of energy away from porn. If you can redirect it right into something meaningful to you then I believe it makes the process that much more powerful! Doing this may take a little experimentation in order to identify all the sensations involved in this process, but if you stick with it then I guarantee you will see very positive results.

By adopting this perspective then every urge becomes an opportunity for self-empowerment instead of just a trudge through discomfort. Reclaim your life by reclaiming your mind!

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