Welcome to the Sacred Sexuality Project, where we help you live a higher expression of your sexuality! My name is Mark Queppet and I am savagely passionate about helping men transform their lives by turning their sexuality into a superpower. There are two main components to this process:

  • Gaining freedom from the control of your sex drive
  • Expanding this freedom to other areas of life

I see the main obstacle to that freedom for many men today lies with an addiction to internet pornography and masturbation. Pornography addiction could quite literally be considered an epidemic in modern culture today. In many ways I see the abuse of pornography in a similar light to the abuse of cocaine in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Basically, cocaine was sold and consumed with little regard or knowledge of what the long term affects were. I see the same problem with pornography. Porn can cause a huge host of issues ranging from

  •  Erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues
  •  Rewiring of the brain’s reward mechanism which results in apathy or procrastination
  •  A loss of attraction for real women
  •  All the other issues that come with any addiction

But there is an even deeper and more insidious layer here. The male sex drive is one of the most primal and basic biological urges we have. Because of this, it is one of the pillars upon which society is built on. When you knock down a part of the foundation of any structure, that structure becomes unstable. The romantic relationship is built around sexuality, the family is built around a romantic relationship, the society is built around the family.

Along with this, you cannot deny that the drive for sexual connection is one of the prime motivating factors of men. Back in the day, men needed to be strong, successful, and good people in order to attract a desirable mate. However, pornography and masturbation allow men to forgo all of that stuff and skip right to hyper-stimulating physical pleasure.

In light of this, I see two kinds of problems in the world today:

  • The problems that are caused or exacerbated by a weak family structure
  • The problems that are caused by apathy of the capable

I believe that an abuse of sexuality is a driving force behind both of these. Without a healthy, committed, and vibrant sexuality, the family suffers. An addiction to porn and indulgence leaves one weak and without the fire necessary to make a difference.

The world needs more strong and passionate men following their dreams and building meaningful relationships. But sadly, we’ve never even met many of our greatest leaders because they are still stuck in their room masturbating to their smart phone.

So yes, the Sacred Sexuality Project is about helping individual men turn their lives around, but this is also about changing the world. It is my mission to increase awareness of the problems caused by an abuse of sexuality and to help men and women reconnect with a higher expression of their sexual energy.

I think it’s time for a change.

Are you with me?

Mark Queppet