I want to help you crush your porn addiction and live a kick-ass life.

If you are sick and tired of porn controlling your thoughts, time, and actions then you are in the right place. I’m here to give you the individual support, guidance and how-to you need in order to put porn behind you and start living the life you want.

Porn can screw up your life. Big time.

Everything from erectile dysfunction, failed relationships, lack of relationships, social anxiety, depression, extreme fetishes, and low motivation can be caused by a porn addiction. Don’t believe me? Check the science. Porn is as addictive as any drug and can be just as destructive. The sad thing is, people know that drugs are bad, but very few seem to understand how dangerous porn is.

If you are anything like me, you fell into porn without having any idea what the heck you were getting yourself into. You watched it because it was exciting, made you feel good, and let you escape from the world. The problem is, if you get into a running match with reality, eventually things are going to catch up with you.

Thousands of men today are waking up to the fact that porn is a huge problem in their life. Because of this, support groups are springing up all over the internet. These groups played a big part in my own recovery, but for many men they simply aren’t enough.

How to Break Free

This is where coaching comes in. I’m here to give you the personal accountability, know-how, and motivation necessary to finally break free from the prison of pornography and start living the awesome life that you deserve.

So if you are ready to finally wave goodbye to porn then contact me now and fill me in on your situation. I’ll explain how to move  forward and start showing you first hand how I can help you shed this habit and transform your life!

What are you waiting for?

>>Contact me now!<<

After years of trying to stop my use of pornography I ran across Mark at the Sacred Sexuality Project. I first began watching his weekly videos and then began working with him as a life coach. Mark approached my issue in an entirely new way I hadn’t experienced before.

With Mark’s deep intellect and experience gained from his own journey out of addiction I found myself set free from a burden I had carried for much too long. Mark cares deeply for those he serves. I knew Mark was in my corner and that made all the difference. If you are ready to finally live up to your highest level of sexuality Mark is the man you want as your wingman. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than Mark.

Mark is a certified professional coach via the IPEC school of coaching excellence as well as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner 

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